Number plates, starting with 2V85

Usually, the registration number is embossed/embedded on a number plate. The other identification data – a jurisdiction name and a vehicle class – can be printed. Some states are gradually switching to so called “flat number plates”. You have selected 2V85, select the following characters.

Series and format

  • 2V85
  • 2 V85
  • 2V 85
  • 2-V85
  • 2V-85
  • 2V85
  • 2V8 5
  • 2V8-5
  • 2V85■■
  • 2V8 5■■
  • 2V8-5■■

Select the first five characters

The list of plates containing six symbols

2V85 2 V85 2-V85 2V 85 2V-85 2V8 5 2V8-5

Number plates are 6*12 inches of size and generally contain 6 literal or numerical symbols.

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